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The Arctic Club was founded in 1932 by Sir James Wordie, famous for his journeys to Antarctica (with Shackleton on the Endurance), Svalbard, East Greenland and Baffin Island. The members are Arctic enthusiasts with a wide range of interests, mainly from the UK, though with an increasing number from overseas. Members of the Club lead or participate on expeditions in the Arctic each year. We are always willing to offer advice and information about Arctic regions, particularly to young people planning expeditions.

New Members are always welcome to join us - see Membership (NB the 'Request Membership' link above gives access to the Members-only website). 

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News and Events 

for items of Arctic interest, including:
Spitsbergen Retraced - Film
Polar Medals 2017
Sir David Hempleman-Adams
2016 Rolex Award to Joseph Cook 

Arctic Club Dinner

An Annual Dinner for members and guests is held each December, usually in Oxford or Cambridge or another University city in the UK. Many members are experts in their fields. The dinner is a good opportunity to meet and discuss plans or pick their brains in an informal atmosphere.

The 2018 Arctic Club Dinner will be held in the New ClubEdinburgh on Saturday 8th December 2018 with Ian Frearson as President

The 2017 Arctic Club Dinner was held on the HQS Wellington in London on Saturday 9th December 2017.

Also see 2016 Arctic Club Dinner2015 Arctic Club Dinner.

Arctic Club Shop

A range of Arctic Club Clothing is available for Club members. 
The Arctic Club Bookshop sells books written by members.

The Arctic Club Award - grants for expeditions in the Arctic

The Arctic Club promotes interesting, innovative and adventurous expeditions in the Arctic, particularly for young people. Each year we give an Arctic Club Award and financial support to one or more expeditions. Applications for an Award must be made through the Gino Watkins Memorial Fund.
The next closing date for applications is 31 January 2018.

Members of these expeditions are our guests at the next Arctic Club Dinner.

Arctic Club members, and others, are encouraged to donate to the Arctic Club Award Fund.
Please contact the Hon.Secretary if you would like to make a donation.

Reports from these expeditions are available.

Arctic Club Expedition Noticeboards

Expeditions Noticeboards enables members, and others, to exchange information and expertise about recent and forthcoming expeditions.

Expeditions in 2018 

Follow some of the Arctic Expeditions in 2018. 

Read about expeditions in 2017, 2016 and 2015


Membership of the Arctic Club is open to those who have played a significant role in expeditions in the Arctic, and have an enduring interest in that region.