Arctic Research Group 2017

Location: Longyearbyen, Svalbard; Lat & Long: 79.30°N, 13.40°E

MembersIan Frearson (leader), George Haddon Winter, Andrew Hodson, Aga Nowak.

Affiliation: Arctic Research Group (Charity  1167722)

Leader's Note

Objectives: A multi-disciplinary expedition to the Bockfjorden region of North Spitsbergen to gather information on the area round the most northerly warm springs on land in the world. Work will include observations of vascular plant species in areas of influence and remote from the springs, seeking geological specimens of primitive fish fossils, meteorite recovery and looking for colonisation of recently exposed ground generated through ice retreat. 

See ARG Announcement 6 June 2017: Hot Topic in a Cold Place

Geology       Ecology         Glaciology       Meteorite Recovery       Photography        Ground Proving    

Dates: 27 June to 26 July 2017




Supported by: Gino Watkins Memorial Fund.

ARG News from Svalbard

7 July:  Heavy pack ice prevented Westerly approach to our goal so circumnavigated whole of Spitsbergen to find access denied\ by thick pack.  Only perseverance by crew of RV Lance made it possible for us to have three hours ashore sampling the waters we had planned so long to visit.  Even so, we were forced  to wait for two attempts by ships boasts to get  through the increasing pack to lift us off.  As we sit back in Longyear' waiting for the next opportunity to get out we ask ourselves, is it really worth it?  As if by magic the answer comes, of course it is.  And so we wait . . .   Ian Frearson