Arctic News and Events

This page will feature occasional news and events of interest to Arctic Club members.

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Arctic Club Dinner 2018

The 2018 Arctic Club Dinner will be held in the New Club, Edinburgh on Saturday 8th December 2018 with Ian Frearson as President

Expeditions 2018

Read the 2018 Expedition Reports from the Gino Watkins Memorial Fund and other Expeditions.

Moskus Expedition

Congratulations to the Moskus Expedition on their exciting and successful Arctic Club Award Expedition to the Stauning Alps.

Visit the Voyages of Abram (1806-1862) exhibition

'An Evening with Sir John Barrow'

August 2018 (Click for photos)

Visit the Sir John Barrow Cottage

Ice Alive

Watch two films about the Black and Bloom project on the Greenland Icecap. 

Ross Hewitt Interview

Spitsbergen Retraced - the Film

A year ago the Spitsbergen Retraced expedition returned from our successful crossing of the island.
Very sadly, Jamie Gardiner, Expedition Historian and Film Director, later died tragically in Norway. 
We remember Jamie as a keen mountaineer, true friend and talented film maker; he was the driving force behind this film. 

Spitsbergen Retraced - Film Screenings

Will Hartz, James Lam and Liam Garrison

Polar Medals 2018 

The London Gazette on 26 January 2018 announced the award of the Polar Medal 2018 to four people 'for outstanding achievement and service to the United Kingdom in the field of polar research'. The awards related to the Arctic were to Dr Kevin Kerr NewshamJames Michael Stewart Wake and Nicholas Levers Cox. Congratulations to all, especially to Nick Cox, a long-standing member of the Arctic Club.


(Mike Lea "Vega Sund")