Arctic Club Dinner 2017

The Annual Dinner was held on the HQS Wellington on the Victoria Embankment on the River Thames in London on Saturday 9 December 2017 with Duncan Mackay as our President.

Arctic Club Menu 2017 Arctic Club Menu 2017 

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HQS Wellington

It was a most memorable occasion, with 95 members and guests and some members of the Antarctic Club, enjoying a splendid dinner and company with exciting presentations beforehand, followed by more talks in the Royal School of Mines on Sunday morning. Many thanks indeed to all the speakers, and to the staff of the HQS Wellington, especially from our Honorary Secretary, Penny Goodman.

The weekend was very appropriate, with tidal flow during Dinner, ice navigation down Exhibition Road and snowfields in Outer London.

The Speakers were:

Molly ThompsonStauning Alps 2017 (Arctic Club Award 2017) - website: Greenland 2017

Holly Chubb - Svalbard Glaciers 2017 (Arctic Club Award 2017)

Dmitry YumashevICE-ARC and Arctic Basecamp 

Mark BrandonBroadcast and Polar Science 2017

Tom Gribbin - Black and Bloom 2017 - website: Black and Bloom

Ian Frearson ARG 2017 - website: Arctic Research Group

Guillaume Danis Sailing Boreal to East Greenland 2017 - website: Arctic Boreal Expedition

Olly Sanders -: Kayak and Climb in NW Greenland  [Video]:

William Hartz - Spitsbergen Retraced - the Film

Stauning Alps Title Title-Svalbard-2017 Title-Arctic-Basecamp-2017 Title-ARG Title-Boreal-2017 Olly Sanders - Climb and Kayak 2017

Click on the images to see the Powerpoint Presentations or Video.

The historic HMS Wellington was built at Devonport in 1934 as one of 13 Grimsby class warships for service in the Commonwealth and Dependencies and from 1936 to 1939 patrolled round New Zealand.

In WWII she performed convoy escort duties in the Atlantic She rescued over 450 Merchant Navy seamen, was active at Dunkirk and the North African landings and. shared the credit for sinking a U-Boat. After the war she became the Livery Hall of the Honorable Company of Master Mariners, run by the Wellington Trust. Read more about the History of the Wellington.

If you would like to attend future Arctic Club Dinners and have a significant interest and involvement in the Arctic, please email the Secretary:  You are also encouraged to apply for Membership of the Arctic Club.

The Arctic Club Dinner for 2018 will be held in the New ClubEdinburgh on Saturday 8th December 2018 with Ian Frearson as President.

The 2016 Arctic Club Dinner was held in Queens' College Cambridge with Matthew Tinsley as President

The 2015 Arctic Club Dinner was held at The Royal Scots Club,  Abercromby Place, Edinburgh with Kathleen Cartwright as President.