The 2018 Arctic Club Dinner was held in the New Club, Princes St., Edinburgh on Saturday 8th December 2018 with Ian Frearson as President.

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It was a most memorable occasion, with 88 diners from the Arctic Club, the Scottish Arctic Club, the John Rae Society and guests, enjoying a splendid dinner and company with exciting presentations. Further talks were givien on Sunday morning. Many thanks indeed to all the speakers, and to the staff of the New Club, especially from our Honorary Secretary, Penny Goodman.

A special presentation was made to Geoffrey Halliday to mark his 58th succesive Arctic Club Dinner and the completion of his Flora of the Central Fjord Region of East Greenland. Congratulations!

Matthew Hay and Leo Carew described their climbing and scientific Arctic Club Award Expedition to the Stauning Alps - MOSKUS Expedition 2018

Bob Burton described manhauling and science as it used to be in Expeditioning the hard way

John Thorogood flew from Scotland to Mestersvig in G-APFV to NE Greenland - Aug 2018 (video)

John Andrews told The Story of Dr. John RaeAir for John Rae (video); My Arctic Movie with Music  

Martin Rickard kayaked on the East coast of Greenland to the base camp and memorial of Gino Watkins: Rickard Part 1; Part 2 ; Part 3  

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Watkin's Last Expedition Rickard-88  Rickard-98
Rickard Part 1       Part 2                                                    Part 3

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The 2019 Arctic Club Dinner will be at Queens' College, Cambridge on Saturday 7th December 2019 with Madeleine White as President.

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