Award of Polar Medals

The London Gazette on 8 January 2016 announced the award of the Polar Medal 2016 to seven people 'for outstanding achievement and service to the United Kingdom in the field of polar research'. The awards related to the Arctic were to Derek FordhamDr. Kim Crosbie and Professor Bryn Hubbard

Congratulations to all. The Arctic Club is especially pleased for Derek Fordham who has been our Honorary Secretary for many years. He was awarded the medal by Prince William at Buckingham Palace on 22 April 2016. Well done, Derek!

Derek Fordham Polar Medal A Derek Fordham Polar Medal B

Derek Fordham and Lorraine Craig at Buckingham Palace

London Gazette 8 January 2016


THE QUEEN has been graciously pleased to approve the following awards for outstanding achievement and service to the United Kingdom in the field of polar research.


Arctic to 2015
Mr Derek Ernest Fordham, Dipl Arch Hons, RIBA, FRGS
Arctic Expedition leader, mountaineer and ambassador.

Antarctic and Arctic to 2015
Dr. Kim Crosbie, MA, MPhil, PhD (Cantab), FRGS
Antarctic Environmental Scientist and Conservationist. Specialising in wildlife/human interactions, visitor management, education and outreach.

Arctic and Antarctic to 2015
Professor Bryn Pugh Hubbard, PhD
Polar Scholar in Glaciology, Glacial Geology and the Structure and Motion of ice masses.

Antarctic to 2015
Mr Clement Peter Collins
Antarctic Base Cook, Base Assistant, Field Assistant and Air Unit Assistant.

Antarctic to 2015
Miss Agnieszka Genowefa Fryckowska, BSc, MSc
Meteorologist, Antarctic Winter and Summer Station Leader.

Antarctic to 2015
Mr. Ian William Potten
Antarctic Pilot flying specialist Aircraft in support of Polar science.

Antarctic to 2015
Mr Jérôme Pierre Poncet
Antarctic Vessel Master, supplying logistics in support of Polar Science and Antarctic wildlife documentaries.