Arctic Ocean Sea Ice Project

Location: Arctic Ocean from Murmansk to the North Pole. Google Map: Murmansk

Members: Geologist Alex Cowan and expedition photographer Lauren Farmer

Objectives: This summer, expedition photographer Lauren Farmer and geologist Alex Cowan will be expedition staff on board the nuclear-powered icebreaker 50 let Pobedy.

"During four return trips from Murmansk, we will be breaking through several meters of sea ice for hundreds of miles to take 520 adventurous travellers to stand on top of the world at the Geographic North Pole. While doing so we will also be collecting valuable sea ice data to provide to our partners in the sea ice research community.

Our aim with this citizen science project is to prove to the polar tourism industry that we can be more than just visitors to these remote and fragile environments. With our extended access to these areas, we are in a position to collect and deliver extensive sea ice data to institutes and organizations who seek it but are limited by funding to a small number of research cruises each year.”

Dates: 6 July to 21 August 2015

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Wednesday 9 July: 50 let Pobedy sailed from Murmansk for the North Pole.

Arctic Sea Ice, Alex Farmer, Lauren Farmer
Alex Cowan and Lauren Farmer at Roald Amundsen's house in Oslo

Monday 20 July: Returned from their first voyage to the North Pole:  "We learned a huge amount about observing sea ice and recording data about it" - no doubt they enjoyed the spectacular journey too! Off again.

North Pole 1North Pole 2©
Alex and Lauren at the North Pole with the Explorers' Flag     Melt pond at the North Pole (spot the nuclear icebreaker)

Friday 31 July: Back to Mumansk:  "A really enthusiastic team of citizen scientists. We collected ice data on the way to and from the pole, plus salinity data at the pole itself."

North Pole 2-1North Pole 2-2©

Monday 11 August: Back from the Pole again - "on a very rapid turnaround, but it was another successful trip. Thank you to the citizen scientists".

North Pole 3-1North Pole 3-2©

Friday 24 August: "Greetings from Helsinki! We have now completed our 4th and final voyage of our North Pole season, and finished with another great group of enthusiastic participants of our sea ice project."

North Pole 4-1North Pole 4-2©

Saturday 25 August: "Our sea ice observations from our first 2 North Pole cruises have been included by the Arctic Research Consortium of the United States (ARCUS)' Sea Ice Prediction Network in its August report, noting that this is the first time they have received sea ice data collected by tourists." 

Read the full ARCUS Report here.

Follow the Expedition, and their personal journeys:  Alex Cowan and Lauren Farmer

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