Worksop College East Greenland Catalina Expedition

Catalina to Greenland 2015: Final Report

G-APFV NE Greenland Catalina Recce
Fly on the recce flight to Faxa Sø with John Thorogood (video):

G-APFV to NE Greenland: Recce Flight Report by John Thorogood


Read the Full Story! in Catalina News 84 - Autumn/Winter 2015 **

Location: Scoresbysund, North East Greenland. Map: 70.13 N, 28.47 W at Faxa Sø, Hjørndal

Leader: Neal Gwynne  Chief Pilot: Paul Warren Wilson    Members: 17 other air-crew, pupils and staff

Objectives: We will fly from the UK to North East Greenland in the Catalina Miss Pick Up to explore the mountains round Scoresbysund. During our time in the field, pupils will receive further training and experience that will hopefully lead to them becoming independent mountaineers upon leaving school. 

Read all about it (before) in Catalina News 83 - Summer 2015, pages 6 & 8.

Dates: 7 July to 1 August 2015


Track Miss Pick Up (G-PBYA) on her journeys.

Tuesday 7 July: The Catalina, Miss Pick Up collects the team from Loch Lomond. BBC Scotland reports: 
Arctic expedition pupils flying in a boat in the sky 
Watch the Video of Miss Pick Up at Loch Lomond, by Allen McLaughlin

Catalina on Loch Lomond

Miss Pick Up flies to Akureyri, Iceland.
John Thorogood reconnoitres the lakes in his Piper Apache and Faxa Sø is ice free! 
Watch the Video:

G-APFV NE Greenland Catalina Recce

Miss Pick Up Akureyri 9Jul15 Faxo_So_9Jul15
Miss Pick Up and Piper Apache at Akureyri                              Faxa Sø, Hjørndal  Greenland   (John Thorogood, 7 July)

Wednesday 8 July: Miss Pick Up lands at Constable Point Airport, North East Greenland.
Catalina in Greenland
Miss Pick Up over Kap Tobin                      
(Tore Andreasen)

Friday 10 July: Miss Pick Up does two flights, taking the team to their Base Camp by Faxa Sø.
NB The name Faxa Sø was used by a Lauge Koch expedition which camped by the lake in 1958. They were supported by Catalina flying boats from Flugfélag Íslands (which later merged with Loftleiðir to form Icelandair). All the aircraft had names with "faxi" affixed  - Sæfaxi, Hrimfaxi etc.

Saturday 11 July: Miss Pick Up flies back to Reykjavik. 

Monday 13 July: All at base camp, raring to go.

Tuesday 14 July: A very long, 15 hours, but really successful day - two first ascents, one ‘small’ one at ca. 1000m and one at 1729m!

Friday 17 July, 9.15 pm: On top of another unclimbed peak at 1670m!  Beautiful weather - looking to the Greenland ice cap on one side and the fjords with ice bergs on the other.

Friday 24 July: Now camping at the northern end of the lake - the best so far - no mosquitoes! A 10 hours climb on Wednesday led to a cairn on a 1100m peak with stunning views. Now glorious sunshine again after some overcast days, but high winds each morning. The Catalina plans to take 2/3 of the group back to Constable Point on Monday and the rest plus equipment on Tuesday.

Sunday 26 July: The Catalina flies back to Constable Point.

Monday 27 July: First pick-up by Miss Pick Up from Faxa Sø

Tuesday 28 July: Second pick-up and back to Constable Point.

Wednesday 29 July: Miss Pick Up is back in Akureyri.

Friday 31 July: The team flies back to Stornoway.

Saturday 1 August: Welcome home to Retford Gamston Airport Congratulations!

Listen to Headmaster Gavin Horgan talking about the Expedition on RTE Radio 1.

Arctic Expedition Return


(A 'Taster' of Photographs from Neal Gwynne ©)

Catalina over Faxa So DSC_0183 G2
Miss Pick Up over Faxa Sø
DSC_0214 G2 IMG_0814
 Miss Pick Up on Faxa Sø                                                         Iceberg hopping in flight in Scoresbysund
On Top

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