Dodo's Delight comes home!

Location: Sisimiut - Manitsoq - Nuuk - Nanortalik, Greenland; ocean crossing to Scotland. 

Leader: Rev Bob Shepton     Members: 4 other crew, scientists and mountaineers

Objectives: To climb new routes in Hamborgeland on the west coast of Greenland and new routes in the Cape Farewell area at the southern tip. 
After many year's of arctic sailing and climbing adventures, to sail Dodo's Delight home across the Atlantic from Greenland to Scotland.

Dates: mid-June to the end of August 2015

Contact (email forwarded through the Arctic Club):


Supported by: Gino Watkins Memorial Fund

DD icebergsNorthumberland 2

Dodo's Delight                           Northumberland Island, Greenland