On Thick Ice?

Location: Kangerlussuaq, Sondre Stromfjord, Greenland. Map: 67.10 N, 50.15 W

Leader: Joseph Cook  Members: Arwyn Edwards, Michael Sweet, Sophie Cook, Ottavia Cavalli

Objectives: Walk from Point 660 (near Kangerlussuaq) to Greenland ice sheet. Examine glacier ecology. Abseil into crevasses to obtain biological samples. Produce footage to use for education and outreach purposes.


The first results from this work were published on 2/12/15 in Frontiers of Earth Science:
Biocryomorphology: Integrating Microbial Processes with Ice Surface Hydrology, Topography, and Roughness
by Joseph Cook, Arwynn Edwards and Alun Hubbard

Thick Ice 2

Dr Edwards on the ice sheet 2014 (J Cook)

Dates: 2 July to 2 August 2015

28 June: Final Preparations

1 - 4 July: Diary Part 1

5 - 7 July: Diary Part 2

8 - 12 July: Diary Part 3

13 - 23 July: Diary Part 4 

23 July: Team fly home with lots of good data

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Film: Life on Earth's Cold Shoulder    

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Supported by: Gino Watkins Memorial FundAndrew Croft Memorial Fund, British Society for Geomorphology, Mount Everest FoundationScottish Arctic ClubGradconsult

Thick Ice 1Thick Ice 3

Biogeochemical Measurements by J. Cook      Mysterious icy habitats?
 (Arwyn Edwards)                                              (J Cook)