Black and Bloom 
Greenland Field Work 2016

Location: Greenland Icecap  Lat & Long: 67°04'N, 49°23'W

Members: Joseph Cook (University of Sheffield), Chris Williamson (University of Bristol), Johan Nilsson (NASA JPL), Ewa Sypianska (Cardiff University), Martin Tranter (Principal Investigator), Tom Gribbin, Alex Anesio, Andrew Tedstone, Alex Holland (all Bristol University), Tris Irvine Fynn (Aberystwyth University) and Jim McQuaid, Liane Benning, Steffi Lutz and Jenine McCutcheon (all University of Leeds). 

ObjectivesIn 2016 a team of researchers from Bristol, Sheffield, Leeds, Potsdam, Aberystwyth and NASA JPL camped on the Greenland ice sheet throughout the summer melt season to measure and monitor the changing colour of the ice and determine the causes of the darkening. The camp was inhabited in two month-long shifts. 

Website and Expedition Timeline:

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Report: Black and Bloom 2016 Greenland Field Work Report

Funding: NERC awards £3m

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