Arctic Boreal Expedition 2016
Kangerdlugssuak Fjord & Cathedral Peak, East Greenland

Location: Kangerdlugssuak Fjord, East Greenland  Map: 68.28°N, 31.90°W

Leader: Guillaume Danis     Members: 5 other crew inc. doctor, cameraman and mountaineers 

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Objectives: Our aim is to sail Boreal across the Norwegian Sea from Bodo to Reykjavik, and then to Kangerdlugssuak Fjord and Watkins Fjord on the east coast of Greenland. This is part of a 2-year expedition plan, whose objective is to repeat the 1991 Knox Johnston-Bonington expedition to the Lemons mountains and the Cathedral summit. Year 1 to be dedicated to the transfer of Boreal to Reykjavik, and the reconnaissance of Kangerdlugssuak Fjord. Year 2, depending on the local ice conditions, to land a climbing party in the Watkins fjord in order to reach and climb the Cathedral in the Lemon Mountains. Then to pick up the climbing party with the expedition boat.

The Arctic Boreal Expedition 2016 Campaign is raising funds for the NSPCC, the leading children's charity in the UK.

Dates: 15 June - 31 August 2016, then August 2017  

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Boreal Iceland 25Jun16 Boreal Iceland 25Jun16 
Cape Horn Boreal in Isafjordur
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