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 East Greenland 2016

Craig Mathieson, Explorer-in-Residence at the RSGS, founded the Polar Academy as a charity to take young adults from difficult backgrounds and motivate them through expeditions in Scotland, and eventually through chances to travel to East Greenland.  Participants work together in the outdoors as a team, learning the importance of planning and leadership.  The Academy emphasises that any goal is achievable, as long as you have the right attitude. Their first expedition took 10 young adults into the Arctic wilderness in Greenland in 2015, and was a resounding success. The Polar Academy is entirely funded through Craig’s efforts; however, the ‘pay-back’ from the young adults involved is that they have to speak to a minimum of 3000 of their peers on their return from the Arctic, instilling confidence and inspiration in all who hear the story of their journey.

Web-site: The Polar Academy    Facebook  Twitter  LinkedIn       

Location: East Greenland        

Leadership Team: Caitlin Donald, Rebecca Alexander, Wayne Angus, Gregor McRae, Mackenzie Ritchie, Georgia McNally, Jason Cheung and Scott Coomber.                      

Expedition Team: Chloe Hogg, Natasha Hoffmann, Ryan Hume, Sara Michno, Iona Somerville, Julia Sanderson, Joanne Farley, Nathan Stewart, Gregor Whitlie, Allana Burns and Samantha Clarke (Teacher).

Dates:  25 March - 7 April 2016         

Contact:   T: 01506 825115   E: info@thepolaracademy.org                     Sponsors and Partners

'Teenage Arctic explorers return from 10-day adventure'

Many congratulations for all their achievements!

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