Arctic Sailing Expeditions 2017

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Guillaume Danis & family

East Greenland Sailing Expedition 2017

Location: East Coast of Greenland  Map: 68.37°N, 26.58°W to 65.41°N, 38.02°W

Leader: Guillaume Danis     Members: Muriel Danis & Gabrielle, Alix, Clotilde and Hugues; S. Senior, T. de Kerviler

See Arctic Boreal Expedition 

Objectives: We will sail Boreal as a family from Isafjordur to the Blosseville Coast and then explore the coast line down to Tassilaq and return to Isafjordur. We will partner with the Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research with the objective to record the plastic pollution during this summer expedition. Dates: 20 July - 31 August 2017

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Boreal 2016
Boreal 2016
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