Expedition Summary

If you are planning an arctic expedition, or have any other query or comment, which might be of interest to Arctic Club members, we would love to hear about it! 

To publicise or report on your expedition on this website, or to ask for information, expertise or even expedition members, please e-mail an Expedition Summary to web@arcticclub.org.uk
(Please note that this does not imply that that the Arctic Club endorses the expedition, which is the responsibilty of the organisers and members.)

The details of the expedition might include some or all of the following, as appropriate:

Expedition Name:

Location: place & country; Lat & Long: (for Google maps):

Leader:                       Members:




Web-site:                   Blog:                  Twitter:

Contact (own details or email forwarded through the Arctic Club): web@arcticclub.org.uk

Information request (circulated to Arctic Club Members)

Supported by:


Each expedition will be allocated one or more separate web-pages.
Examples can be seen on

Text and photographs can be sent in a Word document or as simple text and images in an e-mail.
The headings above can be copied and pasted into Word.
You can download a blank Expedition Summary in Word here: Expedition_Summary.docx

Reports can be submitted in pdf or Word format. Please also give the Title of the Expedition, the name of a Contact or the Leader and a brief Summary of the achievements.