Arctic Club Forum: Search and Rescue Insurance for East Greenland


I plan to sail to Scoresby Sund this year (2022) in my rather small but seaworthy yacht - Sumara of Weymouth. I am happy to sail without any insurance cover, but my crew is not!

I have heard that the rescue costs are normally about £60k which rather scares him. I have tried all the usual tricks that I used on my previous sails to Spitsbergen and Jan Mayen by taking out "Adventure Insurance" designed for gap year students etc. However the insurance companies now seem to state "Worldwide (except Greenland)".

It looks like I may need to find a specialist broker who covers expeditions in Greenland. If anyone has any suggestions it would be hugely appreciated. Details of the planned trip can be found on the Sumara of Weymouth website.

Thanks in anticipation,

Alasdair Flint


Hi Alasdair,

I would recommend to get a SAR insurrance at IERCC

They also cover Greenland and their prices are very reasonable.

Kind regards

Peter Schmidt Mikkelsen