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Shackleton’s Hut

By August 9, 2020January 30th, 2024No Comments
The ‘Shackleton Hut’, Oxfordshire

The ‘Shackleton Hut’ is situated near Leafield in Oxfordshire and it has been known locally as the Shackleton Hut for many years, in one instance for 47 years at least. It is in the middle of the old Vehicle Testing Site to do with racing cars, now abandoned.

The purpose of the hut is believed to be that Shackleton had it built as a try out for a hut to be built in Antarctica for one of his expeditions, to see whether it would be the right size and suitable.

The point at issue is that this site is likely to be demolished and it would be something of a disaster if the Shackleton Hut was demolished with it.  We need to establish whether it really was a Shackleton Hut or even with such a strong body of opinion locally to that effect, to get it marked with a suitable plaque ‘This hut was believed to be built by Shackleton in preparation for one of his Antarctic expeditions’, and listed so it cannot be demolished.

The ‘Shackleton Hut’, Oxfordshire