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Arctic Club Award

The Arctic Club seeks to promote and support interesting, innovative and adventurous expeditions in the Arctic, particularly for young people. Awards are made annually from the Arctic Club Award Fund, held within the Gino Watkins Memorial Fund (Charity 274471), and administered by Members of the Gino Watkins Memorial Committee (which includes Arctic Club members). Applications for an award must be made to the Gino Watkins Memorial Fund by 30 January each year. Each year, one or more expeditions are given an Arctic Club Award. Applicants may receive a combined award from both the Gino Watkins Memorial Fund and the Arctic Club Award Fund. Awards to successful applicants are announced in March. Members of these expeditions are our guests at the next Arctic Club Dinner.

The Arctic Club also makes small awards to individuals for training purposes such as expedition training, polar bear safety, ice safety – if you wish to apply please contact the Hon.Secretary.

Members and organisations with Arctic interests are encouraged to make donations to the Arctic Club Award Fund. If you would like to make a donation (which can include Gift Aid), please contact the Hon.Secretary. See the Gino Watkins Memorial Fund for further information, including the latest accounts for the Arctic Club Award (a Restricted Income Fund within the GWMF accounts).

Expeditions seeking finance may also wish to apply to the Andrew Croft Memorial Fund. Details about the awards, the aims of the organisation and criteria for applications can be found at Applications from students under age of 30 and who are doing fieldwork in the Arctic are particularly encouraged. Closing date is usually in March/April.

Arctic Club Award Expeditions 2024

Awards have been made to the following expeditions.

  • The Mount School Borealis Society East Greenland Expedition 2024
  • Hidden Alaska
  • Atomfjella, Svalbard – Part 1 – Facebook; Part 2 – Facebook
  • Kangerlussuaq, glacier ice-calving processes, University of Leeds:
  • Kangerlussuaq, Russell Glacier, University of Newcastle – see Instagram
  • Qassiarsuk 2024, geology mapping dissertations by University of St Andrews students
  • South Greenland climbing, “The Thumbnail”

Arctic Club Award Expeditions 2023

List of successfully executed expeditions in receipt of Arctic Club Awards 2023

  • Integrity – North West Passage 2023 – Leader: Will Stirling
  • Exploratory Climbing in Canada’s North: A human powered expedition to the Coronation Glacier – Leader: Shira Biner
  • To investigate anthropogenic and climatic impacts on Longyearbyen and Longyearbreen, Svalbard – Leader: Matt Nicholson

Arctic Club Award Expeditions 2022

(Some expeditions were rolled over from previous years where Covid had restricted travel)

Arctic Club Award Expeditions 2019

Arctic Club Award Expeditions 2001 – 2018

  • Moskus Expedition 2018 – Stauning Alps
  • Stauning Alps, Greenland 2017
  • Svalbard Glaciers 2017 Expedition Report
  • Spitsbergen Retraced 2016
  • Sailing to Svalbard 2015
  • Cape Farewell: Summer 2014
  • East Greenland Summer 2013
  • West Lancashire Scouts Greenland 2012
  • Timmiarmiut, Greenland 2012
  • Imperial College Svalbard Expedition 2011
  • Unclimbed Walls of Baffin 2010
  • Imperial College East Greenland 2009
  • Greenland Renland Expedition 2008
  • East Greenland (Sortebrae) Expedition 2007
  • Oxford University Greenland Expedition 2006
  • Greenland East Coast Kayak Expedition 2006 [2005 Award]
  • Imperial College Trans-Greenland 2004
  • Baffin Island 2003
  • Cambridge Greenland Glaciology Expedition 2002
  • Lanchester Greenland 2001